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Chipping Sodbury Golf Club, a renowned golf club in the UK, recently partnered with Look Creative to overhaul their IT systems. Upon conducting a thorough review of the club’s IT infrastructure, Look Creative discovered several alarming issues that needed immediate attention. This case study outlines the challenges faced by Chipping Sodbury Golf Club and the comprehensive solutions provided by Look Creative to secure and modernise the club’s IT systems.


Chipping Sodbury Golf Club’s initial IT infrastructure review revealed the following critical issues:

  • Lack of backup for servers and machines
  • Public Wi-Fi users had access to private and confidential information
  • Outdated email system using IMAP

These vulnerabilities put the golf club at risk for data loss, security breaches, and inefficient communication among staff and members.


Look Creative implemented a series of strategic changes to address the identified issues and significantly improve the golf club’s IT infrastructure:

  1. Securing data with backups: Look Creative set up Microsoft OneDrive to ensure regular backups of all machines and servers. This safeguarded the golf club’s data against potential loss or damage.
  2. Network security enhancement: To protect sensitive information from unauthorised access, Look Creative separated the public Wi-Fi network from the club’s private network. This ensured that confidential data remained secure and inaccessible to the public.
  3. Upgrading email system: Recognising the limitations of the existing IMAP email system, Look Creative scheduled a migration to Microsoft Exchange, a more advanced and efficient email platform.
  4. Enhancing hardware performance: Look Creative upgraded the memory (RAM) on one of the machines that was reported as being slow. This upgrade resulted in a significant improvement in the machine’s performance.
  5. Staff training and improved internal communication: Look Creative provided training to the club’s staff on using Microsoft Teams, enhancing communication and collaboration within the organisation.
  6. Ongoing monitoring and reporting: Look Creative provided Chipping Sodbury Golf Club with a monthly network executive summary that detailed system uptime, antivirus updates, and web content filtering statistics. This report helped the club monitor its IT infrastructure’s health and security.


Thanks to Look Creative’s expertise and swift action, Chipping Sodbury Golf Club now enjoys a robust, secure, and modern IT infrastructure. The implemented solutions not only addressed the club’s immediate concerns but also provided a strong foundation for future growth and innovation. The golf club can now confidently focus on delivering exceptional experiences to its members and guests, knowing that their IT systems are secure and well-maintained.