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Project Overview

Chipping Sodbury Golf Club, renowned for its impeccable greens and vibrant community, faced significant challenges with its existing network infrastructure. The club’s network was powered by an outdated D-Link 24-port 10/100 Mbps switch, a Draytek 8-port PoE switch, and various PoE injectors, which were not only antiquated but were also hindering internet speeds and overall network performance.

The Challenge

Before the intervention, the club’s network was bottlenecked by insufficient hardware that could not handle the increasing demand for bandwidth and network resources. The primary issues included:

  • Slow Internet speeds, clocking in at just 25 Mbps due to the old D-Link switch’s limitations.
  • Inefficient power distribution for devices like telephones and access points, which relied on separate PoE injectors.
  • Excessive physical clutter and unnecessary complexity due to the use of multiple switches and outdated wiring, including a detrimental loopback connection.

Before the project started

The Solution

Look Creative proposed a comprehensive network overhaul that involved:

  • Installing a state-of-the-art Ubiquiti 48-port PoE switch. This robust solution not only consolidated the roles of multiple devices into one but also supported higher data throughput necessary for modern applications.
  • Removing two redundant PoE injectors, simplifying the power management by allowing the new Ubiquiti switch to directly power all PoE-capable devices.
  • Eliminating three old switches that were contributing to network latency and management complexity.
  • Conducting a thorough cleanup and reorganisation of the network cabinet, which included removing unused CAT5 cables and rectifying a harmful loopback issue.

After the project finished

The Results

Post-installation, the improvements were immediate and significant:

  • Internet speed surged from 25 Mbps to 160 Mbps, illustrating the bottleneck removal and efficiency of the new networking hardware.
  • Simplified network management and reduced electrical and cable clutter enhanced the overall aesthetic and operational efficiency of the network cabinet.
  • The direct powering of devices via the Ubiquiti switch improved reliability and reduced the potential points of failure within the network.

Why Reducing the Number of Switches Matters

Using multiple switches in a network can create several issues:

  1. Increased Latency: Each switch in a network can introduce latency, slowing down data transmission across devices.
  2. Complexity in Troubleshooting: More switches mean more complexity in pinpointing and resolving network issues.
  3. Redundant Costs: Maintaining multiple devices incurs higher operational and energy costs.


This project not only significantly boosted the network performance at Chipping Sodbury Golf Club but also streamlined the network’s architecture by reducing unnecessary hardware and simplifying operations. The club’s investment in modern networking solutions with Look Creative’s expertise has set a new standard for its infrastructure, promising a stable and robust network environment ready to support both current and future digital needs.

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