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In the digital age, offering guest WiFi has become an expected courtesy in many professional environments. Whether it’s clients visiting your office, partners dropping by for a meeting, or potential customers perusing your store, there’s an undeniable convenience in providing them with internet access. However, alongside this convenience lurks a series of risks when the guest network is tied to the corporate one.

  1. Vulnerability to Cyber Attacks
    One of the most pressing risks is exposing the corporate network to potential cyber attacks. As per a report by CyberEdge, 83% of organisations in the UK have been affected by cyber-attacks. When guests have direct access to the main network, there’s potential for malware or viruses on their devices to spread across the network. Such risks are exacerbated when considering that visitors might not maintain their devices’ security with the same rigor as a corporate entity.
  2. Unauthorised Data Access
    Guests, even those with no malicious intentions, might unintentionally access sensitive corporate data. Important files, client information, or even financial details could be left exposed if proper network partitioning isn’t in place.
  3. Potential for Illegal Activities
    The possibility of guests engaging in illicit online activities under the umbrella of your corporate network is another major concern. For instance, a guest might indulge in illegal downloads or access prohibited content. If law enforcement investigates such activities and traces them back to your business’s IP address, it’s your company’s reputation that’s on the line.  In the UK, businesses can be held liable for illegal activities conducted on their networks. According to the Digital Economy Act 2017, if illegal downloading activities occur on your network, you might be forced to pay fines or face other consequences, even if you weren’t directly involved.
  4. Bandwidth Drain and Network Slowdown
    While not as critical as security threats, guests streaming, downloading, or engaging in bandwidth-heavy activities can slow down essential business operations. In a world where time is money, ensuring your corporate activities have the lion’s share of bandwidth is crucial.

How Look Creative Can Help
We’ve recently had the privilege of helping several businesses in the UK transition their network setups using Ubiquiti solutions. Our primary objective? Ensuring the guest WiFi remains entirely separate from the corporate network, thus safeguarding crucial business data and ensuring consistent operational speeds.

Opting for such a separation not only shields your business from potential threats but also showcases a dedication to cybersecurity, a trait that clients and partners increasingly value.

As we’ve highlighted, while offering guest WiFi is commendable, ensuring it doesn’t compromise your corporate network’s integrity is crucial. If your business hasn’t yet made this essential separation, or if you’re unsure about your network’s security, we’re here to help. Contact Look Creative today for a consultation and take the necessary steps towards a safer digital future.